Story of The Founder of Tao Kae Noi – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Wrong “Theory” but RIGHT “Thinking”

Here he talks about the heard about this marketing term called ‘Guerilla Marketing’

He did not truly understand what the term means until he took a drive to a 7-11 and he saw another one opposite. And so the term popped up in his mind again and he interpreted ‘Guerilla Marketing’ is to ensure that your brands are surrounding the people and whenever the people laid their eyes on, all they will see is only your brand. (Apparently this is a totally wrong understanding of the concept.) And then he though if he could put his seaweeds into 7-11, it means that they are ‘guerilla’ surrounding the people in the city. With only one distribution channel, he can distribute his products in over 3,000 branches. And then he later found out that, he is one of those example of people whose success was not backed by theories. But rather the ‘way of thinking’ and taking action. He said that he may misinterpreted the theory, but his way of thinking was correct.

Personally I felt that he literally pointed out two of the most important key points in guaranteeing your own success. Without these two, no matter what you do, you will not become as great as you could be. Or worst, you will just be a failure or average.

Point 1 – ‘Way of Thinking’

I believe strongly that MINDSET is the beginning of everything. Your dreams are started and weaved in your mind. Your mind will set the focus. And everything else will start to focus on what your mind focuses on. If your mind is focused on success, every single cell in your body will emit that frequency to search for ways to be successful. Just like Tod knows that he has got a problem that needed to solve, and he just managed to notice two 7-11 opening opposite of each others. And he linked it to guerilla marketing (Even though the concept is off). And then he took action. Set your mind right, You are already half way there to success.


Point 2 – Taking action

At certain point of life, we do have a great plan, great idea and great dreams. But most of the time, average people just put them off and focus on their daily routine. Without execution, your dreams will remain a dream. ACTION is the only tool you have to PULL your dreams into REALITY.



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